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HOW THE WEBB TELESCOPE LETS US PEER 13.5 BILLION YEARS INTO THE PAST Join Dr Martin George on a journey to the oldest stars and galaxies, when our universe was young and the first sources of light were forming. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is the most powerful telescope ever, but how does it work and why is it capable of showing us beautifully sharp images from an unimaginably distant past? Following the talk, we’ll take in a presentation of some of Webb’s most stunning and impressive images, set to live music by violinist Charlie McCarthy. Our MC for this event will be Mark Horstman.

Captured live on stage at the Theatre Royal, as part of Beaker Street Festival 2023.


This video was recorded at Beaker Street Festival, an annual celebration of science and art held in Hobart, Tasmania each August.  It’s a place to share ideas, culture, and excellent Tassie food and drink — bringing warmth, connection and inspiration to lutruwita/Tasmania’s winter. The Festival promises entertainment, education, debate, and community in a participatory atmosphere.