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BeakerStreet@TMAG wants YOU as a roving scientist!

BeakerStreet@TMAG, the pop-up science bar at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart, is returning 16-17 August 2019, with an all-new program featuring fascinating talks, hands-on workshops, live music, science/art installations, excellent Tassie food & drink, and much more! (View the 2019 program here.)


We’re looking for academics, researchers, PhD students, science teachers, and non-academic scientists to volunteer to be BeakerStreet@TMAG Roving Scientists. With 6,000 visitors and more than 150 scientists from around Australia, BeakerStreet@TMAG is Australia's premier National Science Week event for young adults. This is a great opportunity to communicate your research and your passion for science to the broader community, and to give people who normally don't have the chance to chat with scientists the opportunity to do just that, in a friendly and relaxed environment. We call it "Have a beer with a scientist," but of course, the beer isn't required (just recommended - we'll have a Moo Brew tap bar this year). We'll also make you a really cool LED-lit name tag with your research keyword to wear while you rove.


We ask that you commit to coming along for a 2-hour block during the event and be available to talk with people during that time.  To sign up, please choose an open time slot on this 

Google Sheet, and enter your name, email address, affiliation, department (if relevant), a one- to two-word keyword that you think will grab people’s attention and help them understand what it is you work on. We also ask you to submit a question and answer for our "Ask A Scientist" game. (See below for details.) 

As this is a shared document with editing capabilities for all users, please be careful to not delete any info other people have already entered. If you’d like to come along for more than one time slot, that’s fantastic! We’d love to have you as often as possible during the event (including from 10pm-midnight, even though we aren’t asking anyone to sign up for these times). But please sign up for only one time slot that you are certain you can commit to. 


If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email Margo, Beaker Street's director, at'll be in touch with all those who sign up closer to the event with more information and instructions.


This year, we're adding some features to increase interaction with the roving scientists, including a Roving Scientist Bar (one of seven bars that we'll be setting up within the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery), where we'll ask you to join us for a 30-60 minute period during the time slot for which you've signed up, and sit on one side of the bar to talk with visitors, sitting on the other side of the bar. We'll have some great games in there. The other new feature is the "Ask A Scientist" competition, in which all event attendees will receive a sheet with questions submitted by our roving scientists, and attendees can go in the running to win a prize by answering a certain number of the questions correctly. 

Outside of your stint in the Roving Scientist Bar, we simply want you to wander around the event with the aim to strike up some interesting conversations. If you have any small props you can carry with you, such as a sample of something you study, bring them along -- walking around with a vial full of fly ovaries is a great conversation starter!


Please circulate this request (with a link to around your department or research institution - we're aiming to host Roving Scientists at BeakerStreet@TMAG from far and wide!

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