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Milky Way over Mount Pleasant Radio Observatory

Milky Way over Mount Pleasant Radio Observatory

David Nolan

Category: Shows Scientific Equipment or a Research Output

The Milky Way is a stunning sight when observed over the Mount Pleasant Radio Telescope Observatory. Radio telescopes are specifically designed to detect and study radio waves emitted by celestial objects, including our own galaxy. When pointed towards the Milky Way, a radio telescope can reveal a wealth of information about its structure, composition, and various astrophysical phenomena. Dark locations, like this one, away from light pollution, offer great conditions for photographing the night sky.


This photograph was a finalist in Beaker Street’s annual Science Photography Prize. This highly-respected prize invites all Tasmanians to showcase the wonders of our extraordinary part of the world — which is teeming with science and scientists. Finalist images are displayed at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery during Beaker Street Festival each August, with great prizes on offer for Judges’ and People’s Choice winners.

The Beaker Street Science Photography Prize would not be possible without the support of Full Gamut, Tasmania’s premier fine art printers and long-time sponsor of this competition. Many thanks also go to Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, which donates a generous prize for the People’s Choice winner.