Science is more than Eureka moments and flashy results.

We look beyond the headlines to uncover the often gruelling and gritty process of scientific research, and to get to know the people who devote themselves to discovery.

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Season 1
Episode 1: Introduction
What's with the name?
Introduction: What's with the name?Darwin Ate An Owl
00:00 / 20:42
A conversation between host Mark Horstman and producer Margo Adler. They discuss where the name of the podcast comes from, the idea behind the show, and their own different experiences of science.
Episode 2: Dr Dejan Stojanovic
Protecting Tasmania's caffeinated birds
Episode 2: Dejan StojanovicDarwin Ate an Owl
00:00 / 32:36
We run through the bush with a passionate conservation biologist, tracking the iconic swift parrot through its quickly disappearing habitat.
Episode 3: Dr Angela Crean
Sperm is to semen as rum is to Coke
Episode 3: Angela CreanDarwin Ate an Owl
00:00 / 29:37
Ever think about the stuff sperm gets delivered in? 
Dr Angela Crean thinks about it A LOT.
Episode 4: Professor Russell Bonduriansky
An inordinate fondness for flies
Episode 4: Russell BondurianskyDarwin Ate an Owl
00:00 / 20:24
Mark sits down for a cuppa with a renowned evolutionary biologist as he recalls his early research experiences painting tiny insects and collecting rotting meat.

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Darwin Ate an Owl is Produced by Beaker Street, Spectral Media, and Crow's Nest Media, with host Mark Horstman.

Research and writing by Margo Adler and Mark Horstman, recording and editing by Fraser Johnston and Andrew Tehrell, and sound design and music by Nick Sullivan.

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