Friday 16 August - Main Stage Session 1 - Doors open from 6pm
Matthew Evans and Dr Indrani Mukherjee
With MC Mark Horstman, In TMAG's Central Gallery
Two back-to-back talks, with three options for viewing:
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Matthew Evans, Fat Pig Farm - 6:20pm

Eating in the Modern World: 
Vegans, carnivores, and the murky ethics
of our food choices

Join Gourmet Farmer Matthew Evans as he delves into the debate over what constitutes ethical eating and farming. His decades of experience as a chef and farmer, and his extensive research into factory farming practices, have led Matthew to conclude that there are ethical ways to eat meat, unethical ways to be a vegan, and a dire need for more transparency in the food industry.

About the Speaker: 
Matthew Evans trained as a chef and worked as a high profile restaurant critic, before throwing it all away to become a smallholder in Tasmania’s peaceful and picturesque Huon Valley. Matthew now fattens pigs, grows vegetables and milks a recalcitrant dairy cow for regular Friday afternoon Feasts on Fat Pig Farm.


Matthew presents the popular Gourmet Farmer on SBS and hosted two documentary series, What’s The Catch and For The Love of Meat. He is the author of eleven books on food. When he’s not weeding, writing, cooking, agitating or farming, Matthew is going to teach his son to fish.

Indrani Mukherjee.jpg

Dr Indrani Mukherjee, UTAS - 6:50pm

The Evolution of Life on Earth: 

Rethinking the “Boring Billion”

Today, Earth is home to millions of different species. However, it took several billion years to transition from a microbe-dominated planet to the tremendous diversity of life we see today. What shaped this course of evolution has always fascinated geologists. Indrani's talk focuses on some of the key biological events between 1800 and 800 mya, infamously known as “Boring Billion,” and provides a geological explanation for the cause of these events. The talk ties together the geochemical conditions of the ocean and atmosphere, with evolution and diversification of complex microscopic life, that facilitated macroscopic life on Earth, including humans!

About the Speaker:
Indrani Mukherjee is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Tasmania. She completed her PhD in 2018 from UTAS. Prior to her PhD, she completed her B.Sc (Honours) and M.Sc in Geology from the University of Delhi in India. Her research focuses on understanding deep time geochemical conditions of the Earth and its effect on evolution of early complex life and mineral deposits through time. Indrani's expertise lies in using pyrite chemistry in ancient marine sedimentary rocks as a nutrient proxy in the oceans and to develop mineralisation vectors.

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