Friday 16 August - Main Stage Session 2 - Seating open from 7:15pm
Kirsha Kaechele and Adam James w/ Dr Fiona Kerslake
With MC Lucy Breaden, In TMAG's Central Gallery
Two back-to-back talks, with three options for viewing:
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Kirsha Kaechele, Mona - 7:35pm

Eat the Problem:
Putting Invasive Species on the Menu

Join Kirsha Kaechele, artist, curator, and "God's Mistress" of Mona (Museum of Old and New Art), as she applies her philosophy of turning a flaw into a feature, shit into gold, to the pressing problem of invasive species wreaking havoc on ecosystems and environments. Why not transform them into a glamorous feast?  


You can taste some invasive species creations at Mona's Eat the Problem Bar at BeakerStreet@TMAG, featuring a bevy of bevvies showcasing delicious ways to use introduced species in a range of cocktails inspired by the drinks at Mona’s flagship Eat the Problem Grand Feast. The sumptuous and surreal Eat the Problem cookbook will be available for perusal and purchase. See you there for a camel’s milk and mezcal horchata

About the Speaker:
Kirsha Kaechele is an American artist and curator, interested in the space where complex problems exist. For Kaechele, problems are simply a medium for art. Kaechele’s projects are based at Mona (The Museum of Old and New Art), in Tasmania, and New Orleans. In addition to art curation they include: Feasts as living art installations—temporal exhibitions in which every element of a feast is sculpture or performance; 24 Carrot—a project that creates kitchen gardens in disadvantaged areas of Tasmania and New Orleans; Heavy Metal—an art-science project focused on the mercury contamination of Tasmania’s River Derwent; Trascism—Mona’s zero-waste initiative, now implemented across Mona’s festivals and events; Material Institute—a free school in New Orleans pairing neighbourhood talent with high art, music, fashion, science and technology—a kind of Black Mountain College for urban youth.

Image Credit: MONA/ Rémi Chauvin

adam and fiona.jpg

Adam James, Rough Rice and
Dr Fiona Kerslake, UTAS - 8:00pm

Ferment the Pest: The Science of Cane Toad Sauce

If you're going to combat invasive species by eating them, it helps if they're delicious. Celebrated fermenter Adam James collaborated with Mona to create a range of delicious preserves and ferments using invasive animals and plants from Tasmania and beyond. Hear Adam speak about his trial-and-error process of developing entirely new flavours and textures out of some of the strangest ingredients imaginable. Joining Adam will be Dr Fiona Kerslake to explain the science behind fermentation, and to give us a closer look at how adding water, salt, and koji to cane toad can turn this much maligned pest into a delectable condiment.

About the Speakers:
Adam James is a Tasmanian-based fermentation guru, whose predilection for all things fermented earned him a prestigious Churchill Fellowship, taking him on a world tour of both traditional and cutting-edge fermentation techniques and flavours. He's turned his passion into a business with Rough Rice, supplying an exclusive handful of restaurants around Australia with a range of unique fermented condiments, using traditional techniques, locally made ceramic crocks, and only the best of seasonal Tasmanian produce. 


Dr Fiona Kerslake is Head of Horticulture at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA). A University of Tasmania (UTAS) undergraduate in Agricultural Science, after a break working overseas, Fiona returned to UTAS to study for her PhD. Her initial research focus was on Pinot noir and sparkling wine viticulture, however a lack of objective analytical methods for sparkling wine led to Fiona developing capacity in wine analytical chemistry. She has transferred this knowledge to help support and develop the burgeoning local craft cider industry.

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