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5.30pm | 09/08

Hear from Associate Professor Catriona MacLeod from the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies as she discusses the much-debated topic of coastal and marine development and resource use, weighing up the opportunities with the environmental impacts. Then join Catriona for cocktails and engaging conversation over dinner.
Location: Strahan Village

Is marine development compatible with environmental protection?

Coastal development and harnessing of marine resources represent significant opportunities for regional communities in Tasmania, but how can we limit the environmental impacts? A thorough understanding of how to measure the effects of human activities on our marine and coastal environments allows us to predict long-term impacts and mitigate risks. Some of these activities, such as fish farming, have generated significant attention and controversy, and it can be difficult to disentangle fact from hype. In this talk, I will attempt to do just that, while answering many common questions along the way.

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Associate Professor Catriona MacLeod

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

Catriona is originally from the Highlands of Scotland but fell in love with Tasmania when she got a 2 year contract to work here in 1997. She has moved from industry to research, from the central highlands to Hobart (about as cosmopolitan as she wants to get) and has been working for many years on how to improve marine environmental management and inform truly sustainable development. She has a passion for helping people understand the science around these issues. Originally a benthic ecologist, working on sediments and the animals that live in them, she has worked in Tassie with CSIRO on introduced marine pests, in the Derwent on heavy metal contamination and on developing risk appropriate monitoring and management for salmon farming. She is currently Head of the Ecology and Biodiversity Centre within IMAS, and sits on a range of local, national and international management advisory committees and boards where she provides input on optimal environmental monitoring and management for a broad range of activities in marine and coastal areas.

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