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A Dark Sky Supper with Luke Burgess

In collaboration with Beaker Street and Dark Sky Tasmania

As the full moon rises, gather high about the Hobart CBD to share seasonal Tasmanian food and stimulating conversation, with legendary Tasmanian chef Luke Burgess. There will be food for thought as well, with a guest speaker in attendance to provide new perspectives on the nocturnal world.

A monthly series

Each month on the full moon, a table will be set and candles lit for a supper of nocturnal delights. Perched above Hobart, a group of twelve will gather together to eat, drink, and discuss under the glow of the moon. We’ll delve into the night each month with a different guest speaker to enlighten us on Dark Sky topics, and get the conversations going. We’ll consider the rapidly growing problem of light pollution — the excessive use of artificial light at night, which reduces our ability to see the stars and disrupts the rhythms of humans and other species. But as the light of the moon slowly replaces the sun, and we witness a spectacular moonrise over the Derwent, we will also be celebrating what we are so lucky to still have in Tasmania: A view to the cosmos at night, even in our most densely populated city.

Cost: $300/person — includes dinner and matched drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic or both), a fascinating talk by a guest speaker, and a contribution to our “A Seat At The Table” initiative, enabling members of our community to access this event regardless of financial means.

Don’t have a date? Come alone! We aim to get people talking, thinking, and hatching ideas, so conversations with strangers are highly encouraged.

Location: Seven and a Half
Avalon City Retreat, 152 Macquarie Street


Our next Moonlighting Supper will feature guest speaker Gabriella Allegretto, a PhD candidate at UTAS researching how people experience the night sky and perceptions of light pollution. Gabby is also a Dark Sky Tasmania Board Member and youth ambassador for the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance (ADSA). 

Details and tickets coming soon.

The evening will be conducted in a low-light environment — as the sun sets, we will have candles to light the table, but no overhead lighting. If you have compromised or poor vision, this event may not be suitable to attend.
Regrettably, the venue is not wheelchair accessible. Visitors will need to walk up one flight of stairs after taking the lift.

Need a Free Seat?

If you’d like to join us for supper but don’t have the financial means at this time, you can request a free seat through Beaker Street’s “A Seat at the Table” initiative, which aims to increase access to scientific and cultural events for our community. If you are a Tasmanian resident, you can request a seat by emailing [email protected] with your name and the date or dates you’re interested in.
If we can offer you a seat, we will — no questions asked.

Photo by Luke Burgess

Next Speaker — Gabriella Allegretto

Dark Sky Tasmania, UTAS

Gabby is a PhD candidate at the University of Tasmania within the department of geography, planning and spatial science. She is interested in peoples’ experiences with the night sky in Tasmania, as well as awareness and perceptions of light pollution in Australia. She is also exploring light pollution as an environmental justice issue. Gabby is a board member of Dark Sky Tasmania (DST) and a youth ambassador for the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance (ADSA).

Moonlighting is presented by Luke Burgess in collaboration with