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Stop 3: Launceston

Dinner with Darla and Dr Karl

6:00pm | 11/08 | Launceston

An evening at Grain of the Silos

Stop 3 on the Tassie Science Road Trip takes you to Peppers Silo Hotel in Launceston, where you’ll meet Professor Darla Hatton MacDonald, a researcher at the University of Tasmania. Darla works on natural resource valuation issues in forestry and marine environments. Learn about how placing a dollar value on local natural assets and ecosystem services can help preserve them. You can join Darla and Dr Karl for dinner at Grain of the Silos for the fabulous chef’s tasting menu and casual chats.

Want to catch Darla’s talk?

Come along to the Silos on Wednesday the 10th and hear from Darla about her work on natural resource valuation. Plus, canapés and plenty of opportunity to chat with Darla and Dr Karl in the bar afterwards. More info here.

Professor Darla Hatton MacDonald

University of Tasmania

The usual qualifications, a PhD,  from the University of Alberta in Forestry Economics where I looked at the values people place on the natural environment in cross cultural settings.  My research career has been marked by variety-seeking behaviour with thesis research that took me to northern Saskatchewan in the dead of winter to the Mutoko district of Zimbabwe all in pursuit of understanding the value people place on the natural environment. I then took a position with CSIRO Land and Water in Adelaide and worked on water issues for the next fifteen years. I then migrated to the University of Tasmania where I work on natural  resource valuation issues in forestry and marine environments.

How do you put a dollar value on nature?

The ecosystem services and benefits that natural systems provide locally are highly valued by the communities that benefit from these and provide them with a “sense of place”. I will look at how placing a dollar value to the local natural assets and ecosystem services help preserve them, the trade-offs, and potential long-term outcomes to local communities.

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