Saturday 17 August - Main Stage Special Event - Seating open from 8:25pm
DEBATE! Only Technology Will Save Us from Ourselves?
One must-see event, with three options for viewing:
1. Book a four-person table (see below) for $40/table for guaranteed primo seating.
2. Go in the running to win a free table by filling out a short survey HERE.
3. Just show up. Free seating and standing room is on a first-in basis.
(Note that free seating is limited, and we can't guarantee you'll get a spot.)
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The BeakerStreet@TMAG Debate - 8:45pm

Only Technology Will Save Us from Ourselves?

BeakerStreet@TMAG and ABC Radio National present an epic battle of ideas, words and wit, hosted by Science Friction's Natasha Mitchell wieding a very large bell, and featuring six science superstars. You won't want to miss this!

Arguing in the affirmative:
Meow Ludo Disco Gamma Meow Meow (BioFoundry), a biohacker and cyborg who started Australia's first open-access molecular biology lab and famously implanted an Opal Card chip into his arm, copped a fine from Transport NSW and then took them to court in one of the first cyborg rights legal cases.


Professor Mike Archer (UNSW Sydney), a paleontologist whose research focuses on the deep past such as the World Heritage fossil deposits at Riversleigh, the fragile present such as conservation through sustainable use of native resources including having native animals as pets, securing the future based on the wisdom of the fossil record, and trying to bring extinct species (e.g., the Gastric-brooding Frog and the Thylacine) back into the world of the living.

Zoe Kean, a BeakerStreet@TMAG alum who now works in the science unit for the ABC. This debate is not her first rodeo. Having always been one of the cool kids, she was on her school’s debating team.

Arguing in the negative:
Bernie Hobbs, an award winning science writer and presenter, who's been winning over audiences for decades through her work in television and on ABC Science, and who brings a sharp mind - and a sharper wit! - to her MCing and moderating.



Dr Lee Ann Rollins (UNSW Sydney), an invasive species geneticist whose work on cane toads and other introduced pests has led to her to be leading voice of caution in the use of genetic technologies as biological control agents.

Dr Barbara Holland (UTAS), a mathematician who works within the Theoretical Phylogenetics research group in the School of Natural Sciences, and enjoys the challenge of working with biologists in trying to translate the problems they face into the language of mathematics. 

Note for those booking a table:
Only one ticket will be issued to the ticketholder for each four-person table. We suggest you arrive together with your party if possible, so that you can all be seated at once. If this is not possible, please make sure everyone in your party knows which name the ticket is under so we can seat them at the correct table. We will ask you to present your ticket (printed or on your mobile device) before we can seat you and your party.

The debate will start promptly at 8:45pm, so please arrive by 8:25pm to allow enough time to be seated and order a drink if you like.

Your table will be given away if you have not arrived by the start time of the debate.