Friday 16 August - Main Stage Session 3 - Seating open from 8:25pm
Dr Barbara Holland and Meow-Ludo Meow Meow
With MC Mark Horstman, In TMAG's Central Gallery
Two back-to-back talks, with three options for viewing:
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Dr Barbara Holland, UTAS - 8:45pm

Why be Happy When You Can be NORMAL?

Presented by the Royal Society of Tasmania

What is normal anyway? Any good statistician will be able to tell you the answer. Normal is a distribution. The normal distribution holds a famous spot in statistics due to the Central Limit Theorem which, in layman’s terms, explains why bell-shaped curves are so ubiquitous in describing a wide range of phenomena. Back in the good old days of the 19th Century, the normal distribution went by the name “Law of the Frequency of Error.” Indeed, one of the things the normal distribution should be able to explain is the behaviour of polls and how accurate their predictions should be. In this talk, Barbara will discuss what our faithful friend the normal distribution can tell us about why polls should work and try to give some insight into why they failed so spectacularly at the last election!

About the Speaker:
Dr Barbara Holland is an Associate Professor in the discipline of Mathematics within the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Tasmania. She works within the Theoretical Phylogenetics research group and lectures in Statistics. Since beginning her PhD she has enjoyed the challenge of working with biologists in trying to translate the problems they face into the language of mathematics. 


Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow Meow, 
BioFoundry Sydney - 9:10pm

Accelerating Human Evolution with Transhumanism

Evolution requires a selective pressure that does not currently exist for humans. For our species to continue to develop we must take conscious action through the use of technology. The principles, ethics, and current methods will be discussed, with current examples and futures directions explored. The three main technolgies driving our pursuit towards a technological singularity are genetics, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. Meow-Ludo has a background in genetics and as such will focus mostly on the biological aspects and combination areas such as implants and wetware.

About the Speaker:
Meow-Ludo is a transdisciplinary provocateur and emerging technology evangelist. He started Australia's first open-access molecular biology laboratory, ran in multiple elections with the Science Party and the Flux Party, and was involved in one of the first cyborg rights legal cases, involving the use of a modified transport card that was inserted into his hand, in which he was fined and took Transport NSW to court. Currently he is running startups that aim to reduce climate change by sequestering carbon, and help stop deforestation.


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