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Slime Mould Forest Walk


Sarah Lloyd OAM

Sarah Lloyd is a Tasmanian naturalist whose passion for nature began in early childhood with a love of birds. In 2008 Sarah initiated ‘A Sound Idea’, a project to monitor bush birds using digital sound recorders and numerous volunteers. Her interests have broadened in recent decades to include plants, fungi, invertebrates and bryophytes. In 2010 Sarah started exploring the little-known world of myxomycetes (also known as plasmodial or acellular slime moulds) in the forest that surrounds her home at Birralee in Northern Tasmania and in 2022 she published the fourth edition of her popular book ‘Where the Slime Mould Creeps’. In 2018 she was the recipient of the prestigious Australian Natural History Medallion that is awarded each year to the person judged to have made the most meritorious contribution to the understanding of Australian natural history. In 2019 she was awarded an OAM for services to the environment – and slime moulds.


Black Sugarloaf

Black Sugarloaf Creek, a tributary of the Meander River,  is a wet eucalypt forest and the area is now recognised as one of the world centres of myxomycete diversity.

Birralee TAS 7303


There will be a 2.5 km walk through the forest, so a reasonable level of fitness is required. Wear warm clothes and walking shoes or boots. Please bring lunch and, if possible, a 10x hand lens (loupe) and head lamp or torch. For particular accessibility concerns, please contact [email protected] 

A Seat at the Table

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