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Zinc Works: Then and Now

Sun 6 Aug

11:00am – 12:30pm

$5 – $10 + Booking Fee

The Auditorium, Nyrstar Hobart Zinc Works

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Experience: Interactive | Talk

Themes: Fact Finding | Unseen

Access: Family Friendly | Seated Option

Take a virtual tour of Hobart’s iconic zinc works

The history of energy and industry in Tasmania are intrinsically linked. It is no coincidence that it was at the same time more than 100 years ago that bold pioneers were taking the first steps into hydro-electric power, while other innovators were pioneering industry at our Zinc Works on the River Derwent. 

Join the Nyrstar Hobart team for a virtual tour of the Zinc Works and learn about the site’s rich history — including as a catalyst for the development of hydroelectric power in Tasmania.  Discover the fascinating journey of zinc, from mine to market, as we delve into the four-stage refining process: roasting, leaching and purification, electrolysis, and casting.

Stick around after the virtual tour for a chat and a chance to ask all your heavy metal questions. It’ll be virtually the best fun you’ll have all week!

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Nyrstar Hobart Zinc Works

This event takes place at Nyrstar Hobart auditorium. The Nyrstar Hobart smelter is located on the western bank of the Derwent River Estuary in Hobart, Tasmania.



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