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Melodic Table of Elements by Django’s Tiger

Fri 4 Aug



Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Central Gallery

Venue Details

Experience: Free | Music | Performance

Themes: Conversation Starter | Fact Finding | Mind Blowing

Access: Seated Option | Wheelchair Access

Get ready for an extraordinary musical experience at Beaker Street Festival! Join Django’s Tiger trio Charlie McCarthy, Harry Edwards, and Isaac Gee, with special guest Aaron Powell, as we push the boundaries of creativity and scientific exploration through music. Witness the power of your choices as you actively participate in shaping the tunes performed by our talented jazz quartet. From selecting the key and mode to determining the style and tempo, this interactive concert puts you in control. Don’t miss this unique fusion of science and music – it’s a performance like no other!

The Beaker Street Festival Hub at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery is a pop-up science bar, a parlour of curiosities, an inn for inquiring minds. If you’ve never explored TMAG after dark, here’s your chance.

Django's Tiger featuring Aaron Powell

Join Django’s Tiger, featuring Charlie McCarthy, Harry Edwards, Isaac Gee, and special guest Aaron Powell on keyboard, at the Beaker Street Festival for a mind-bending musical and scientific adventure. As you step into the world of music creation, prepare to be amazed. This exceptional jazz quartet, with piano, bass, guitar, and violin, will bring your choices to life, transforming them into mesmerising melodies.

At the heart of this experience lies your power to shape each tune. Choose between existing masterpieces or new compositions, and watch as the musicians breathe life into your vision. Select the key and mode to set the mood and tonality, while versatile styles add a unique flavour to the music, spanning jazz, classical, folk, and more.

Dive into the rhythmic landscape, determining the number of beats in a bar, setting the pulse that drives the composition. Feel the excitement as you control the tempo, guiding the quartet’s virtuosity. You become the architect of the composition’s structure, deciding on the number of bars and allowing the musicians to weave intricate narratives within the framework.

The form of the piece is entirely up to you, with options for intros, outros, and interludes. Embrace the ebb and flow of the music as you shape the harmonic landscape with your choices of chord changes. Experience the thrill of key changes, adding unexpected twists and turns to the musical tapestry.

But that’s not all! Get ready for breathtaking moments of improvisation as the musicians embark on soul-stirring solos. Witness their extraordinary skill and creativity as they explore the depths of their instruments. These spontaneous bursts of brilliance will leave you in awe.

Prepare for an extraordinary merging of science and music—a performance that pushes the boundaries of artistic expression.

AI-generated image using prompts, 2023. Midjourney. Courtesy of Beaker Street.


Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Take a Virtual Tour

Located on Hobart’s historic waterfront, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) is the second oldest museum in Australia. The museum incorporates more than 2,000 square metres of public and exhibition spaces with a rich blend of permanent collections, touring and temporary exhibitions and special displays.


Eat and drink

The Festival Hub at TMAG will have a range of excellent local food and drink options, catering for everyone. Plan to eat dinner at the Hub! Why would you go anywhere else?



There is level access to all public areas of our site and elevators are available for movement between levels. Loan wheelchairs are also available from the Visitor Information desk. For particular accessibility concerns please contact [email protected]


Dunn Pl, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone Number

(03) 6165 7000


The entrance to TMAG is via Dunn Pl, which includes a carpark. TMAG is down from the corner of Macquarie Street and Campbell Street and the corner of Davey Street and Campbell Street.

There is an info booth to the right of the pathway as you go to enter TMAG. This info booth is staffed by Beaker Street Festival volunteers who have programs and know the layout of the festival. Behind the info booth, in the Welcome Garden to the left of the museum there is a light installation by Duncan Meerding.

As you enter TMAG there is a food truck called Chan Bao on your left selling bao and hot chips. Once you’ve entered through the gates there is a large tent to your left with music and the main bar- at the bar you can get wine, beer, hot cider and a raspberry and peach cocktail. 

Straight past the tent you can turn left to go to the Bondstore Basement to see the CoLab exhibition and hear stories about Wardian Cases. You can continue straight there are three steps up onto the veranda which take you to the automatic doors which are the entry to the main museum building. Or turn right to use the ramp up onto the veranda

Once you go up the ramp the Fab Coats and Merch are on your right, your next right are the glass doors to the cafe and straight ahead are the Migrant Resource Centre doing a vegan soup, malaysian arancini and curry puffs. Follow the veranda to the left and turn right after the dinosaur to gain entry into the main museum 

One inside the glass automatic doors the front desk is to your left with cloaking and information. Continue straight down the ramp and turn left to get to the lifts and toilets, including accessible. Or turn right to go up two flights of stairs to get to level 1

Level one has another info booth, and the entry to the central gallery. 

Central Gallery is straight ahead from the lifts, one in the central gallery the Roving Scientist Bar and Speakers Tables is immediately on your right. The Science Photography Prize is on your left along the silver wall. There is a band stage straight ahead with jazz bands playing all night, and in the centre right hand wall is the stage with Powerpoint Karaoke at 9pm and live dissections during the night.

You leave the Central Gallery the same way you came in and straight ahead in are the stairs up to the Lab- workshops until 8:30 then a theatre performance called Spaceclock1 from 8:30-9pm- and the Speakers Lounge- short scientific talks. You can also access the Lab and the Speakers Lounge via the lift, go to level 2.

On Level 2 there is also a bar selling cans of beer and glasses of wine.