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Into the Vaults – Tasmanian Herbarium

Wed 9 Aug


$15 + Booking Fee – SOLD OUT

Tasmanian Herbarium

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Experience: Connect | Interactive

Themes: Conversation Starter | Fact Finding | Field Trip | Unseen


Fascinating behind-
the-scenes tour

Head into the vault of botanical specimens at the Tasmanian Herbarium.

The Herbarium collection is not on public display, so take this opportunity to see specimens collected during Captain Cook’s voyages and by some of the earliest Tasmanian botanists. See examples of newly discovered plant species, extinct plants and curious plants – ranging from our worst weeds to our most useful plants.

Patron Advice: Each tour is strictly limited to 15 people only. Patrons must be aged 16 years +

Featuring: Miguel de Salas TMAG Senior Curator (Botany) and Matthew Baker, Senior Curator (Weed Taxonomy)

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TMAG Collections and Research Facility

The Tasmanian Herbarium, located on the Sandy Bay campus of the University of Tasmania, is responsible for the development, maintenance and management of the botanical collections of Tasmania. These preserved plant specimens are internationally recognised as the most comprehensive record of the Tasmanian flora in the world. The Herbarium houses more than 312 000 plant specimens, with flowering plants being the largest group represented.

The specimens are the permanent material evidence of which plants occur in Tasmania, their distribution in space and time, their variability, and a wealth of other information. They are also the raw materials for further discovery and knowledge of Tasmania’s unique flora.


College Rd, Sandy Bay TAS 7005

Phone Number

(03) 6165 5143